Van-It in France

One of our campervan


agence de location de van Nantes agence de location de van Paris agence de location de van metz                  Campervan hire Nantes (West)                                  Campervan hire Paris                                          Campervan hire Metz (East)

agence de location de van lorient agence de location de van geneve agence de location de van montpellier            Campervan hire Lorient (West)                                Campervan hire Genève (East)                              Campervan hire Montpellier (South East)

location de van Toulouse

Campervan hire Toulouse (South West)

You can find our campervan rental offices everywhere in France. We have now 7 campervan hire depots in Paris, Metz (East of France), Montpellier (South East of France), Toulouse (South West of France), Lorient (West of France), Annecy-Genève (East of France) and Nantes (West of France). Go explore France and its amazing coasts, numerous mountains or beautiful small villages or do a road trip in Europe with one of our fully equipped campervans. Renting a campervan in France is the best way to get around, without constraint and to fully enjoy holidays.
VAN-IT is the first campervan hire company in France for more than 10 years !