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One of our campervan

For your next vacation you are thirsty for adventure and want to test the nomad vacation ? That's a great idea. But you hesitate between a campervan and a motorhome ? Discover our guide to help you make your choice.


The campervan is a vehicle based on Volkswagen California or Transporter, the size of a simple minivan. It is therefore very handy and very easy to drive. Not only will you have no trouble understanding its dimensions for driving, but you can very easily find places to park. Indeed, the campervan is lower, so you will have access to parking lots limited to 2 meters. With a campervan you will simply be able to find the best spots to spend the night while possibly being very peaceful and alone. The campervan is really made for living outside and enjoying an adventure vacation. And it does not prevent you from going on vacation with a baby or a young child.


The motorhome is bigger but it is for a good reason. It is a real house with whees. In a motorhome, you will have access to hot showers and real toilets and optimized facilities such as a larger refrigerator. You will also have an oven and / or microwave to cook. The berths are often sometimes wider and in greater number. A motorhome can accommodate up to 6 people. In addition, the insulation and heating in a motorhome is better if you have to use it in winter, although our campervans Volkswagen California are also very well insulated and also benefit from stationary diesel heating. Pay attention that with many more energy-consuming elements, the electric autonomy of a motorhome can quickly be reduced and it will either have to be driven very frequently or be connected regularly to electric terminals that are found on motorhome areas or in campsites.


If your vacation budget is tight, the campervan is without a doubt the best solution. Compared to a motorhome, you can save on the following items : fuel, motorway tolls and parking. Regarding the fuel, a campervan is a lot lighter and shorter than a motorhome, which allows it to consume approximately 4 liters less diesel per 100 kilometers, which is significant. Because of its lower height, the campervan passes into category 1 of the motorway toll prices, where the motorhome finds itself in category 3. The prices vary from simple to double. In addition, the campervan can sneak everywhere and you won't have to park in specific areas or necessarily go to campsites. Finally, the rental rates for a campervan are much lower than those for a motorhome. On budget matter, the campervan knocks out the motorhome !


The advantages of the campervan

• Driven like a car

• Economic

• It's the spirit of adventure

• Easy to park

The disadvantages of a campervan

• More limited interior space

• More spartan comfort regarding the beds and toilets

The advantages of the motorhome

• Optimal comfort

• Large interior space

The disadvantages of the motorhome

• More difficult to drive

• Large budget

• More difficult parking

We hope that you have made your choice between the campervan and the motorhome for your next vacation. If you choose the campervan, discover the vehicles available at VAN-IT for rent and start preparing your next adventure. You will inevitably find a VAN-IT rental agency near you.

Have a nice holiday !