Road trip in France with a campervan

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If you are looking for and amazing adventure and an experience for your holidays, discover our roadtrip ideas for your campervan hire in France.

Where to go with a campervan ?

Here is a selection of the best french and european roadtrips to do with a campervan and spend unforgettable holidays without a doubt with your family, or friends.

Travelling with a campervan in France

With its 8 campervan rental agencies in France, VAN-IT is the reference to propose you a roadtrip on the french roads. If you want to rent a campervan for a week or for a month, you will fin an office VAN-IT next to a great campervan roadtrip.
Don't hesitate to consult our campervan rental prices to organise your next holidays.

Travelling with a campervan in Europe

If you are willing to travel with a campervan in Europe, you have to plan at least a 2 weeks holidays. You will soon find here european roadtrips. It is really easy to reach Spain, Itlay, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland from France. But there is so much to see, do and eat in France that you already have plenty of choices here before going for the long european roadtrips

Now you only have to choose your next campervan and choose the date and time of your next roadtrip in France.