Provence stations

Here are the closest stations to your VAN-IT Provence rental agency.

No more searching, they are less than 10km away, for a peaceful return.

Nearest washing stations: ​


Garage Mancini (Citroën et Opel)

Avenue Fernand Julien,

13 410 Lambesc

(juste avant VAN- IT PROVENCE sur votre gauche)


Parking de l’hyper Casino

Station de lavage So Wash

Lambesc 13410


We pay particular attention to the cleanliness of our vehicles, and at the end of a rental, the van must be returned in an impeccable state of cleanliness as when it left. Cleaning must be done inside and outside and you can use a roller or a karcher for this.

Inside, the entire vehicle must be vacuumed, including cupboards and small storage. The surfaces must be cleaned with a household product. Check the cleanliness of the fridge, the cooking fires and the dishes.

A washing option can be subscribed at the time of booking or during the rental up to 48 hours before the end for an amount of 70€. This amount is 150€ for any rental with animals which requires a lot more cleaning work.

The washing option does not include the dishes or the cleaning of the chemical toilet or any stains on the seats.

Nearest petrol stations:


Supermarché Casino

Avenue Jean Monnet, All. de Bertoire Z.A.C

13410 Lambesc


 Supermarché Carrefour Contact

2 Av. Léo Lagrange

13410 Lambesc



The vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel as at the start.

If applicable, the difference will be charged at the rate of the fuel station closest to the agency, plus 30%.


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