Discover your MATADOR van

The advantages of your 4-seater Van

Converted van – Comfortable with hot shower !

2 cooking burners, sink + water reserve, 80l fridge, lounge area with swivel table and front seat, stationary heating for the winter, all powered by auxiliary batteries and solar panels !

Year: 2021

Consumption : 8 l / 100 km

Your Van Crafter Matador VAN-IT in pictures​

The strengths of the 4-seater van: comfortable vehicle, hot shower with a 80L reserve, large 90L fridge, stationary heating, solar panel, awning, fixed bed in the rear and lounge in the front

The complete description of the Van Crafter Matador VAN-IT​

01 The van in road mode

4-seater vans have 2 seats in the front and 2 seats in the back. Technical description :

  • Consumption 8l / 100 km.

02 The kitchen

The dining area includes:

  • Two powerful gas burners
  • An enamelled sheet metal sink + tap with electric pump
  • 60l clean water tank and gray water
  • A 90 liter 12v / 220v fridge running on auxiliary batteries
  • A comfortable lounge area including a 2-seater bench seat, the 2 swivel front seats and a large table.

Complete kitchen equipment:

  • Plates, cutlery, glasses, bowls, pot and pan, cutting board and colander

03 The night

The van has two beds for 4 people.

  • At the rear: a fixed bed of 1.77m x 1.18m super comfortable for 2 people
  • Front: the bench seat will soon unfold to form another double bed
  • Night curtains on all windows
  • Night pack (optional €30 / bed): Sheets & duvet + pillows

04 Other amenities

  • A real hot shower, just like at home, to go on holiday in a van even in winter!
  • Stationary heating running on auxiliary batteries + diesel
  • The heating works even when the vehicle is stationary.
  • The auxiliary batteries are recharged while driving, by connecting to electricity, or thanks to solar panels!
    chemical toilet
  • 12 V and 220 V interior sockets

Many storage spaces have been provided to store all your personal effects:

  • Cupboards for the kitchen
    Bench box
  • Cupboard above the bench
  • Cupboards above the rear bed
  • Rear space for suitcases