Our campervans are furnished by us

Our Volkswagen fitted vans are equipped with all the comfort elements for your trip. Rental vans include a double bed on 2/3-seater camper vans and two double beds on California models.

Discover all our vans

We have chosen to work with fitted vans from the Volkswagen brand because this brand is a pioneer in fitted vans thanks to its famous combivan. The vans are habitable and very well equipped as you can see below. All you have to do is make your choice!

Sale of vehicles and facilities

VAN-IT imagines and designs ALL the interior fittings of its vans, right down to the installation of pop-up roofs in its own carpentry workshops. Choice of materials, optimization of spaces, ergonomics… everything has been thought out to provide travelers with maximum comfort, whether there are 2 or 5 of them, while taking care of aesthetics.

After a season of good and loyal service, our vans are then offered for sale at attractive prices.

VAN-IT also offers fitting kits for your van!

  • Achetez votre van d'occasion

    VAN-IT met à la vente ses vans chaque année en fin de saison.

    Profitez-en pour les réserver à l'avance ! 

  • Aménagez votre van

    VAN-IT conçoit dans ses ateliers tout le mobilier intérieur.

    Découvrez tous nos kits d’aménagement pour votre VAN !