Les Cévennes en Van aménagé

One of our campervan

The Cévennes in a campervan !

From our agency located in Alès, you can board one of our campervans and discover the many treasures of Occitania.

Produits du Terroir, roadtrip dans les Cévennes

In Alès itself, you can see a show at the Théâtre Le Cratère, go to the PAB museum or the Colombier museum to admire works of art or awaken your children or yourself to archaeology. For the most curious, the Préhistorama of Rousson, the museum of the Scribe in Saint-Christol where the tourist train of Alès will take you to the heart of the heritage of the territory. For gourmets, many local products await you, from cold cuts, vegetables and seasonal fruits, to goat cheese, local honey, not to mention the sumptuous wines.

Pole mécanique, roadtrip dans les Cévennes

Then, head to the Pôle Mécanique, 10 minutes north of Alès, to go karting, quad or even to jump in sports cars if you are a thrill lover. A few kilometers from the mechanical pole, you can visit the house of the miner. Formerly a place known for extracting coal, the miner’s house immerses you in the atmosphere of former work.

Parc National des Cévènes, roadtrip dans les Cévennes

For nature lovers, head west to Saint Germain de Calberte to enjoy the Cévennes National Park and its 2700 km2. The park welcomes you day and night for the beauty of its environment, fauna and flora, but also for the beauty of the starry sky known to be the purest in France. Exceptional night landscapes ! Awareness-raising actions are proposed to raise awareness of light pollution.

Aujac, roadtrip dans les Cévennes

Then, leave for Génolhac, one hour north of Alès and do not miss the charming medieval city, and the many nearby villages to discover during the walks : Aujac, village grouped around its romanesque church with bell-comb, and its magnificent medieval castle, Concoules and its church which is a real gem of local art, Sénéchas...

Saint André de Cruzières, roadtrip dans les Cévennes

Then head to Saint André de Cruzières, 50 minutes east, for hiking. There are three signposted trails :

- A small circuit (3.5 km and 1h30): Les Résurgences from Chadouillet to Côtepatière.

- A medium circuit (8.3 km and 2h30): Between vineyards and scrubland, from the Village to Lacroix by the Tegoul balm and back by the Chapelette.

- A long circuit (14.3 km for 4.30): the Saracen, from the village to the Saracen, then back by the old railway and Chadouillet.

Take the opportunity to find a spot to park at night and still admire the starry sky.

Vézénobres, roadtrip dans les Cévennes

The next day, leave 30 minutes south, 25 km east of Alès, at Mont Bouquet you can do nature activities, namely paragliding and climbing with more than 300 routes on the cliff of Seynes. Then head to the medieval town of Vézénobres, 30 minutes southwest of Mont Bouquet, a village upstream on a rocky peak offering many breathtaking views. Note that the medieval city is fabulous to visit for two reasons, the first is its fabulous architecture, but also because it houses a superb orchard conservatory fig tree with more than a thousand trees...

Anduze, roadtrip dans les Cévennes

Then continue to Anduze, 20 minutes to the west, to discover a charming city with a historical past, where you can retrace the history through the streets and monuments in a playful way thanks to the enigmas. Please note that this activity may be suitable for children between the ages of four and twelve. Do not hesitate to contact the city information office.

Pont de Saint-Jean-du-Gard, roadtrip dans les Cévennes

Finish in Saint-Jean-du-Gard 15 minutes west for hiking, river swimming, fishing and other outdoor activities… You will be able to make your children aware of sustainable development, with the Natura 2000 area, which hosts protected animal and plant species through specific activities for the whole family.

There are plenty of activities in the Cévennes Park and making this road trip by van is the perfect solution to get around, fully enjoy the scenery and your van adventure will leave you with fantastic memories.

You can leave directly from the Alès Agency to make your roadtrip and Cyril will be happy to give you even more tips for your holiday !


Road trip dans les Cévennes en van