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You just decided to go on an adventure with the campervan you just rented. However, you are wondering if it's going to be easy to cook inside this vehicle ?

Do not panic, several solutions exist to allow you to cook and eat good meals. The most important thing is to have essential kitchen ustensils and to prepare dishes that are simple and fast to cook. Explanations.


At first, cooking in a campervan could look like a small challenge due to the limited space. Organization is very important to store everything if you want to have easy access to the ustensils you use the most and find the food you need when you cook without moving everything in the campervan !

Just like a motorhome, a campervan is equipped with a small kitchen, even if it is a little less spacious, and cupboards to put food and equipment. The kitchen includes cooking stoves, a refrigerated area, a sink with tap, and a removable table. In addition all the campervans we rent at VAN-IT are equipped with cooking equipment such as pot and pan, plates, glasses, bowls, cutleries, salad bowl, cutting board, colander and of course a bottle opener !

If you want to, and if you are going for a long time rental, you can equip it with a few more options that will make the meals more fun like a small barbecue for outside. Kettle can be available sometimes too on request.

A kitchen in a campervan will never be as big as your kitchen at home and fridge will be a lot smaller but you will still be able to prepare hearty meals and most of all eat outside, in the middle of nature or in front of the beach, which is priceless and is one of the greatest pleasure of your campervan road trip.


Even though cooking in a campervan might look challenging, here are a few ideas of dishes that you can use.

For breakfast, for example, you can cut up fruits and have it with muesli drizzled with vegetable milk. With a little coffee prepared with water boiled in your pot, you will be all set up to continue your journey and enjoy the adventure until noon. Do you like hearty breakfasts? You also have the choice to cook pancakes, with pancakes mix and a bit of milk, and finish with cooked bacon and eggs !

At noon, the easiest if you don't want to waste too much time, is to settle for a sandwich with ham or cheese, or a nice terrine that you find in a local market. You can also find in the many local markets there is all over France, already cooked meals like roast chicken and potatoes, roast pork, paellas...etc

When you are all set up and can take a little longer to cook and appreciate a nice hot meal, since you have two cooking burners in a campervan, you will be able to cook for example pasta on one side and delicious chicken breasts with cream and Dijon mustard sauce on the other side. A fast, cheap and delicious deash, typically French. 

Of course, when you know you are parked for the night and won't drive again, make sure you enjoy a fine bottle of french wine to acompany your meal !

If you brought or rented a little barbecue, you can consider as well grilling meat, vegetables, prawns… Already smells like holidays !  Be careful however, in summer and in some places, barbecue is prohibited (South of France, National Parks, etc.). Inquire before any use.

Don't worry all kind of cooking ideas will arrive along your trip after you encounter so many markets, shops, restaurants, etc... Everything is possible in a campervan so do not hesitate to be creative to delight your taste buds.

Do you feel ready to go on an adventure in a campervan? Discover our range of campervans available for rent in our agencies in France.

Have a nice trip !