It’s very simple: in the event of confinement, extension of confinement or traffic restrictions in France (impossible to leave your department, region, 100 km limit, etc…) you can cancel your rental until the last second and we will refund your deposit without delay!

It’s difficult to project yourself at the moment and we understand that you have doubts about your future holidays, but you also have to book very quickly to be sure to have a van available, and that’s why we are changing our policy. cancellation with maximum flexibility!

*on grounds expressly related to the COVID 19 crisis


Coup de pouce à la pompe

With the uncertainty of fluctuating fuel prices you may be wondering if your van trip is going to cost you a fortune!

First of all, know that our vehicles are all Diesel and that consumption is very reasonable. On average our vans consume 8/9 liters per 100 km and you will do between 800 and 900 km with a full 70l.

If the price of diesel increases by 30 cents, over a rental week and if you cover 2000 km, it will cost you 49 € more.

It is certain that these 49 € would be better invested in a barbecue or something else, so VAN-IT offers you from 20/03/22 and until 08/07/22, a discount of 15 cents on the liter of diesel.

The discounted price is applied to an average consumption of 800 km and keeping the same example, over a week at 2000 km we will reimburse you 24 €.

And suddenly the government takes care of the rest because they also reimburse you 15 cents per liter on the price displayed at the pump from 01/04/22.

We hope that this exceptional measure will help you plan more easily for your future vacation in a camper van.

Good advice would also be to reduce the distance traveled during your vacation and discover our beautiful regions with sometimes hidden treasures.

In a fitted van, as long as nature is there, you will have an unforgettable moment! A river, a waterfall, hiking trails, a bit of fauna and flora will only be little extras that will enhance your vacation.
*offer valid for one liter of diesel with an average price above €1.60


Aware of the health risks currently encountered, VAN-IT makes it a point of honor to respect the hygiene instructions on board its vehicles and to apply barrier measures and gestures during rentals.

To guarantee you an irreproachable vehicle and the assurance of not encountering the slightest risk when renting a vehicle, here is the non-exhaustive list of the practices that are applied by our company during this difficult period:

We guarantee a minimum of 24 hours between two rentals on the same vehicle, until 24/07, date of the lifting of the health watch.

After a rental, each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. For this, we use detergents and disinfectants also used in the hospital environment with bactericidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal and virucidal actions in accordance with the EN 14476 standard.

We will then proceed to the complete cleaning of the vehicles, as usual, and will be able to offer you a vehicle without any possible health risk.


The safety of our teams and our customers is essential at VAN-IT and barrier gestures are put in place within all our agencies.

We wear masks and gloves when handing over the vehicle as well as when returning the van, and we do everything we can to respect the safety distances between staff and customers.

Our counters and payment terminals are systematically disinfected.

We can, if possible, accept contactless payments and dematerialize all documents (sending contracts and inventory by email).

Holidays in a camper van

This year more than ever vacations in a campervan will be the ideal way to travel in France (and perhaps in Europe) in complete freedom and to enjoy your vacation spot, in peace, at the sea or in the mountains with the choice to isolate yourself from the crowds and create your own corner of happiness in the middle of nature, or to gradually find restaurants and terraces by the sea.

So do not hesitate to plan your next vacation and look at our ideas toRoad Trip by van to help you !

We have even concocted road trips for you from each agency limited to less than 100 km distance