Tips about campervan holidays

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Travelling with a campervan is something really exciting but, with a good preparation, the adventure  will become a lot more enjoyable. If you are willing to rent a campervan, we have listed a few campervan holidays tips for your next roadtrip. Discover below our different advices on how to prepare your next adventure.

Our advices for your campervan holidays

You are wanting to travel with a campervan ? Great idea !  Here are our best tips and advices to leave with total ease of mind on the french roads. For a couple holidays, with your family or friends, you can find precious informations so your campervan holidays becomes unforgettable.

travelling with a baby in a campervan           travelling with an animal in a campervan           campervan or motorhome

                           Travelling with a baby                                                                     Travelling with an animal                                                                 Campervan or Motorhome

Apps for campervan rental           Tips for cooking in a campervan

                        8 Apps for campervan travels                                                     Tips for cooking in a campervan

Advices to prepare your next campervan roadtrip

Si If you are looking for a trip with a campervan that will leave unforgettable memories, consult our roadtrip ideas. Among all of the travel guides given by VAN IT, you will find interesting advices, depending on your destination (travel in France or Europe), as well as practical informations to prepare a roadtrip with a baby, with an animal, etc... Take the maximum of ideas for your roadtrip ! Consult our different articles before renting a campervan and drive along the roads at your own speed. Driving with a campervan allows you to travel a different way, with total Freedom, with the best comfort, and at a very good price. Don't hesitate and don't wait any longer to plan your next holidays ! 

Plan your next holidays

You are now ready for your next campervan holidays. You just have to choose the Volkswagen campervan that will suit you best. To see the prices of the campers, consult our Rates page. Finally, on our campervan rental offices in France, you will find all the contact informations you need in order to ask us any questions. We will be very happy to guide you through the process of booking and help you on any matter to make  sure you spend the perfect holidays. Enjoy the road with VAN-IT !