France Passion

No more hassle looking for a place to sleep, no more fear of being woken up by the noise of cars. Thanks to the France Passion sticker, sleep in peace without spending anything (or almost). As a bonus, you will be able to discover, share and meet winegrowers, farmers, artisans, farm inns, local culture and gastronomy.

When you have the “France Passion” badge, you benefit from free reception! Sleep for free and safely with landlords.

Psst: there’s even a mobile app to see which places are closer to you!

A little history

The idea was to offer winegrowers a formula of free parking in a private setting, allowing them to welcome motorhomes all year round on their properties, for one night or 24 hours of relaxation.

Convinced of facilitating and enhancing the stay of motorhome owners, a few dozen owners of châteaux and wine estates have adopted this concept. It was in 1993…

After 27 years of existence, the formula is offered in 91 departments by more than 2,000 winegrowers, farmers, craftsmen, farm inns allowing motorhomes and vanlifers from Belgium, Switzerland, England, Sweden, Italy, Finland and of course France to discover France.

In 2021, France Passion added more than 200 new addresses to its guide.

Some tips

The only requirement is to respect “the golden rules” of the France Passion reception, that is to say:

  • Traveling with an autonomous vehicle
  • Introduce yourself when you arrive
  • Leave the site clean
  • Report when you leave

A little extra, a little detour to the farm shop to show your support and solidarity. In addition, it allows you to bring back local products whose origin and manufacturing process you know.

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