Frequently Asked Questions About Campervan Rental

A complete FAQ with all the answers to your questions for a stay in a camper van with complete peace of mind!

01 Prepare your trip with VAN-IT

You can do different simulations by going to the page "Réservation".

For a quote, you just need to choose the dates, a model and the options.

To know the availability, thank you to validate your estimate and our teams will answer you as soon as possible.

We have 2, 4 or 5 seater vans.
In 4-seater vans, you will find 2 seats in the front and 2 in the back. The lifting roof allows sleeping for 2 people at the top and the sofa bed allows sleeping for 2 other people.

On Crafter vans, there is a fixed double bed in the rear and a double sofa bed in the front.
2-seater vans have 3 seats in the front for the road. For the night, the rear seat folds out to form a comfortable double bed. Possibility of installing a small format travel cot at the foot of the bed or a hammock at the front of the van.

The 5-seater has a large 3-seater sofa bed at the bottom and a 2-seater bed in the pop-up roof.

Inside you will find all the necessary crockery .See all our vans.

02 Traveling with VAN-IT

3 day rental packages include 1200 km.
Rentals of 4 days and beyond include a package of 300 km per day (to be multiplied by the number of days).
On one week of rental you can therefore cover 2100 km!
Beyond that, a rate of 35 cts per additional kilometer will be applied.

(A 3 day formula therefore has as many km as a 4 day stay but the price / day is higher on the 3 day formulas)

We do not offer unlimited mileage packages.

In the event of confinement, confinement extension or traffic restrictions in France (impossible to leave one's department, region, 100 km limit, etc.) you can cancel your rental up to the last second and we will refund your deposit without delay!

Just call the 24/7 support number you will be provided with and they will take care of you and the van.

You also need to contact us quickly.

Animals are allowed provided that the van returns in the same state of cleanliness as on departure.

Vans can be driven in the following countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland.

03 Book your van

You must be at least 21 years old and have held a driving license for at least 2 years.

To make a reservation, you must go through our website.

You don't have to pay anything at first.
When we have checked the availability of the vans, we will validate your reservation and you will receive an email inviting you to visit our website to pay the 30% deposit.
Payment of the deposit is made online via the secure website of our partner bank Crédit Agricole. Under no circumstances will we have access to your banking information throughout the process.

You can also choose to pay with a credit card over the phone, and in this case one of our advisers will take care of validating your reservation.

Finally, if you have a checkbook from a French bank, you can also pay us by check when you have received confirmation of availability from us (at VAN-IT, 1 Impasse des Ecureuils, 91330 Yerres). The reservation will be confirmed once the check has arrived.

The balance of the rental is made in the agency, on the day of departure, by check, bank card, cash or ANCV holiday vouchers.

We do accept holiday vouchers. No amount limit.

Yes. The amount of insurance is calculated automatically based on the age of the driver.

Yes. The vans are bookable for a minimum period of 3 days.

For the months of July and August, the minimum reservation is 7 days.

Requests are processed manually by our teams. The response time is normally very short but if it seems abnormally long, do not hesitate to contact us again by email or call us directly.

04 How does the recovery or return of my van take place?

You will find the addresses of the various rental points as well as directions for getting there on the page "Our agencies".

If you do not have a reservation, please contact us in advance by email or telephone to make an appointment.

No. Departures and returns are currently only in the same city.

The driver must bring an identity document, his driving license as well as a visa or mastercard credit card. The deposit will be taken by credit card borrowing and used only in the event of a responsible accident, damage to the vehicle, if the van is not returned clean, without a full tank of fuel or in the event that you have contracted fines on the road.

Prévoir aussi un chèque au cas où vos plafonds bancaires ne permettent pas l'opération. Attention le chèque serait uniquement un complément et une emprunte de carte est indispensable pour la caution.

Il vous faut enfin amener de quoi dormir si vous ne souhaitez pas prendre l'option "pack nuit" (draps + couette ou sacs de couchage).

05 Using my van

A full tank makes 70l of diesel and will allow you to do between 800 and 1000 km depending on the model (at a reasonable speed of course!)

It is still relatively easy to park a van in France! French legislation is not too strict and the small size of the vans will allow you to go relatively unnoticed.
Be careful in some cities, some car parks are prohibited for vans and motorhomes but there is normally a display. It will then suffice to leave the city and find a peaceful and authorized corner. Note that you will be responsible for any VP taken!
You can also park in the campsites or rest areas that you will find along your way.

4-seater van:

All our 4-seater vans are equipped with stationary heating (operates thanks to auxiliary batteries). Even engine stopped, you stay warm!
The other interior equipment (fridge, light, tap) is also powered by the auxiliary batteries (independent of the main battery), which means that you never wake up in the morning with a discharged battery.

For your electronic devices (telephone for example), equip yourself with adapters to recharge on the cigar lighter or the USB sockets available in the van.
Finally, inside California or Crafter vans, sockets inside the van allow you to connect to 220 V even without being connected to electricity, with a power of 300w. When the van is connected to an electrical terminal (eg camping) you will have normal power.

2/3 seater vans:

2/3 seater vans are also equipped with auxiliary batteries. It therefore supplies the electric cooler and the sink tap.

For your electronic devices (telephone for example), equip yourself with adapters to recharge on the cigar lighter or on the USB sockets connected to the auxiliary battery.
Finally, sockets inside the van allow you to connect to 220 V but only when the van is connected to an electrical terminal (camping for example).

2/3 seater vans are not all equipped with stationary heating but more and more agencies are equipping their vans. Do not hesitate to make a request to check their availability.

The adventure starts here with VAN-IT

Traveling in a van is a must for those looking for freedom, authenticity, adventure and landscapes as unusual as they are spectacular. With family, couple or friends, VAN-IT makes this adventure possible and makes every effort to support travelers in the realization of their stay, in the best conditions.

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