10 good reasons to rent a campervan

One of our campervan


1. You go where you want, when you want !

2. No need to check-out from the hotel every morning and carry your luggage all the time when you want to travel to a different place

Campervan rental France

3. You park everywhere

A campervan is less than 2m high : no need to pay a campsite to be parked with all the big motorhomes

4. You are in communion with nature

Being outside all day feels great !

5. You can enjoy sunrise from your bed

6. When you eat, sleep, live in 8m2, you become familiar  ! You will come back more accomplice than ever !

7. You can carry surfboards, kitesurf, bikes !

8. You're free to choose to eat at the restaturant or to be your own chef everyday.

In a campervan you especially have the chance to save money on restaurant expenses morning, lunch and dinner !

The benefits of having a kitchen : you find a nice local ham at the market, an amazing t-bone, farm vegetables, a nice bottle of red wine, and this is your next meal !

9. It starts raining where you are : you change city, you change country !!

11. You enjoy each day so much that you do as many thing in two weeks in a campervan than two months at the hotel !

Campervan hire France

12. Sleep on a beach, in front of an amazing landscape,

alone in the middle of the mountains : it's priceless !

Ok there are 11… but travelling in a campervan is more than holidays,

This is a magical experience !

So don't wait and go choose your next campervan

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