Become a VAN-IT franchise!

There is no VAN-IT agency in your city yet? Contact us and we will explain all the advantages of working together! With nearly 15 years of experience in van rental, we will be happy to train you in the job. The conditions to join us are very simple and affordable.

Do not hesitate to leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Some good reasons to join the VAN-IT franchise

01 – You are doing an activity that you like, in a fun area

02 – You have great vehicles

03 – The activity brings in money quickly and does not necessarily immobilize a lot of time.

04 – You are surrounded by a team of professionals, pioneers in van rental in France, who will be there every day to advise you.

05 – Thanks to a quality website and efficient referencing in France and abroad, customers find you easily and your booking schedule is quickly filled.

06 – The fill rate through the VAN-IT franchise will be much higher than trying to find customers alone.

07 – You benefit from very significant discounts on the purchase of new vehicles and you can resell them for more than the purchase price!

08 – You benefit from our fittings, made to measure in our workshops, and equip your vehicles (2-seater and 5-seater ranges) at an unbeatable price, which also allows you to make a capital gain on resale.

09 – You benefit from the same insurance rates throughout the VAN-IT network, regardless of the number of vehicles you have

10 – You start the activity, without pressure, with low entry fees, a reduced commission the first year, and a number of vehicles in line with your possibilities

Who are we?​

After having traveled around the world and discovered travel in a converted van in countries such as Australia, New Zealand or the United States, where this mode of travel is highly developed, we returned to France in 2008 and made the observation that this mode of vacation was not at all present in France, whereas we are the first tourist destination in the world each year.

Conversely, motorhome rental is very widespread but despite the comfort and autonomy of this type of vehicle, it does not allow you to find the same freedom as with a fitted van, which thanks to its height of less of 2m and its low volume allows you to sneak around and discover a country in a whole new way.

So at the end of 2008 we launched the very first camper van rental company in France and we have come a long way since then!

Now holidays in a campervan are at the top of the trend and have even now become essential given the current need to find a stronger link with nature and to be able to enjoy holidays by discovering a country, activities, landscapes, without having to cram into giant infrastructures. In the years to come the concept will only become more and more democratized, vans and converted vans will soon represent a market as important as that of the motorhome and VAN-IT will continue to develop nationally and internationally to remain a major players in this development.

The VAN-IT spirit

VAN-IT offers different models of fitted vans for hire, from 2 to 5 places, including the most common vehicles on the market such as the Volkswagen California T6, which can accommodate 4 people, but also 2/3-seater vehicles, fitted out by our care, and 5-seater fitted vans with a pop-up roof and home equipment too. Finally, we offer Volkswagen California T4, a little older but with a high margin because it is much cheaper to buy.

The diversity of our offer, beyond the fact that it allows us to differentiate ourselves from competitors, allows us to have a much wider clientele because we reach as many low-budget clients, young people and foreign tourists who sometimes wish to leave for long periods (more than a month) with a limited budget, who will be able to rent a 2/3 seater at low prices, than wealthier customers who can afford to leave for a week in August at more than 1000 € by taking a California T6.

Having a fleet made up solely of California T6s would limit the number of customers and therefore force them to work only in the summer, when demand is very high, and to constantly buy and sell their vehicles in the hope of making a profit.

At VAN-IT we choose not to be just a vehicle dealer but above all a rental company and even a developer.

And our choice pays off because by working 8 months a year a fitted van will be much more profitable than by buying and selling only. Resale will nevertheless remain a big part of the profits thanks to the huge discounts we have on new vehicles and thanks to the added value realized by fitting out the ranges of 2-seater and 5-seater vehicles, with clean, practical, efficient, durable and at a very competitive price.

Where to create a converted van rental franchise?

We seek to develop throughout France, the DOM TOM, and internationally, in Europe for the moment.

Cities with high potential are cities with a large population pool, which can attract many potential customers, but also cities placed on the holiday route or on a vacation spot.

Customers sometimes prefer to pick up a van directly close to their vacation spot to avoid the whole road and the many kilometres. When an agency is full, customers do not hesitate to move to pick up a van from another agency if it is on their way.

Nantes (already established clientele), Toulouse, Nice, Clermont Ferrand La Rochelle, Spain, Portugal, etc…

And any city meeting the criteria mentioned above, the list is long!

If you want to open a branch near you, we will analyze the location together. As you can see, now is the perfect time to start a new adventure and join VAN-IT by opening a camper van rental agency near you!

We will be happy to tell you a little more about it by phone or email.

How much does it cost to rent a camper van?

The price of renting a van starts at 60 € / day in low season. For this price, you can enjoy a 100% livable van with all the comfort equipment. If you wish to benefit from additional equipment such as a chemical toilet or a solar shower, you can purchase them as an option.

Discover in detail our fitted vans to make the best choice for your next road trip.

Renting a camper van is cheap and accessible to a young driver. It allows you to spend a weekend or a cheap vacation with a touch of adventure.

Do not wait any longer to rent a van in France at a low price in the VAN-IT agency of your choice. Make your reservation online today.

Details of the seasons

01 Low season rental

02 Mid season rental​

03High season rental