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VAN-IT SARL is specialized in the rent of short and long term of campervans. VAN-IT SARL is registered in the Register of companies of Créteil under the number B509.658.597, the head office of which is : 21 Rue Massenet 94190 VILLENEUVE SAINT GEORGES - FRANCE, which edits the websites  www.van-it.fr and www.van-it.com.
The present terms and conditions of use apply exclusively between VAN-IT SARL (below "VAN-IT") and every person visiting or making a reservation on our web site  www.van-it.com or www.van-it.fr (below the “user”).

Article 1 - Acceptance of the general conditions

All the reservations made through our web site are subjected to the present general conditions of use as well as to our general conditions of rent.

VAN-IT reserves the right to modify the present general conditions at any time without advance notice. In case of modification, the applicable conditions will remain those current in the day of the request of reservation of the User.

The User declares to have acquainted with these general conditions of use of the web site and with our general conditions of rent before the confirmation of his request of reservation. By clicking on the button " Confirm your request ", on our web site, the User accepts without reserve all the general conditions of VAN-IT.

Article 2 – Rates of rent

The applicable rates of rent are the ones communicated by VAN-IT at the time of the reservation, and reminded on the rental agreement. The posted prices are indicated in euro inclusive of all taxes (French VAT and the other applicable taxes if necessary). VAN-IT updating regularly its rates, reserves the right to modify it at any time.

Since the payment of the deposit was made, the price of rent of the campervan is firm and guaranteed and will not be modifiable any more by VAN-IT including in the case of a fluctuation in the foreign exchange rate. After payment of the deposit asked by VAN-IT during the reservation, the User cannot ask for modification of the price paid in case of promotional offers proposed by VAN-IT.

The rates of rent are appropriate for the reservations made on the web site www.van-it.fr or www.van-it.com and are calculated according to the information supplied by the User during the reservation. Any later modification of a reservation can entail a change of the price.
The price indicated on the web site during the request of reservation includes:

- A fixed package for number of days with unlimited mileage or with a fixed kilometric package (specified on the rental agreement)
- The compulsory insurances: third party / civil liability;
- additional insurances: theft and fire with franchising;
- the local taxes (VAT);
- The options subscribed during the reservation (GPS, reduction of deposit, second driver, etc.)
- The additional costs of delivery and return of the campervan in another place than VAN-IT warehouse, if this option was subscribed during the reservation;

This price does not include:

- the fuel;
- the options (GPS, bike carrier) not subscribed at the time of the reservation;
- The possible kilometric overtakings;
- The possible expenses for young driver (s), or additional driver (s);
- the deposit to be paid by international credit card in the name of the main driver or by check, whatever are the subscribed additional insurances;
 - the damages of broken glass, tires, roof, bottom of vehicle, and inside the vehicle, opticals, rear-view mirrors, not taken care by the insurances;
- The overtakings of schedule entailing a penalty fixed by VAN-IT to the amount of 45€ TTC / HOUR, for every begun hour and entailing an additional invoicing; 
- The amount of the franchising taken by VAN-IT in the event of an accident or of damage in the vehicle with or without known third party.
- the amount of the fines. The User / tenant remains only responsible for fines and reports established against him/her and also of any customs pursuit;
- the possible expenses of parking lot;
- The expenses of expert's report.

The rates of rent also exclude all other additional expenses and additional options which are not mentioned in the confirmation of the reservation sent by VAN-IT. These expenses and options must be paid in supplement by the User during the pick-up of the campervan.

Article 3 - The campervans rented

The reservation of a vehicle on the site www.van-it.fr or www.van-it.com concerns a category of vehicle, being specified that the preferences in model depend on the availability at the time of the rent. All the campervans presented on the web site only aim at illustrating the selected category. The User thus always selects a category and not a specific vehicle.
The User can ask for the rent of a vehicle with or without decoration without supplement. VAN-IT will do everything to satisfy the request of the User, but will not be considered as responsible if because of a mechanical problem or of quite other problem, it cannot supply a vehicle with or without decoration. The User can aspire in that case to no compensation.

Article 4 - Modalities of reservation

4.1. Booking on-line
The User makes a reservation on-line on VAN-IT's web site by supplying his/her address and phone number, the type of vehicle wished, the dates of rent, the place of pick-up and return, the wished options. The User obtains then a simulation and confirms his request by clicking on the button " Confirm your request ".

4.2. Confirmation of reservation
A the reception of a request of reservation, VAN-IT, after checking the availability of a campervan, supplies a link with access code allowing the User to validate its reservation by proceeding to the payment of a deposit of 30 % of the amount of the reservation. The User has 7 days to validate his reservation and pay the deposit. Without payment within the time limit allowed, VAN-IT will be entitled to cancel the reservation of the User, its responsibility not being engaged.
By validating his/her reservation and by proceeding to the payment of the deposit, the User recognizes that this act constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of the general conditions of VAN-IT, and that the "click" of validation before payment constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature has value between VAN-IT and the User of handwritten signature.

4.3. Payment methods of the deposit
The User has various means of payment to settle the 30% deposit asked by Van-IT at the reservation:

- by credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard ): secured payment SSL on the bank CIC web site.
The data relative to the user's credit card number are coded from his computer and are passed on so coded directly to the banking operator. VAN-IT has never access to the information relative to the credit cards of the Users.  By communicating his banking address and phone number, the User accepts in advance and unconditionally that VAN-IT proceeds to the secure transaction. The User thus authorizes his bank to charge his account further to the recordings or the statements passed on by VAN-IT's bank, even in the absence of invoice signed by the hand of the card's holder.
Cards emitted by banks taken up residence outside France necessarily have to be international credit cards.

- by check in Euro in the order of VAN-IT: the check must be emitted by a bank taken up residence in metropolitan France. The reservation will then be put in on hold until the reception and the collection of the user's check and at most for a duration of 7 working days. Beyond this deadline, the request of reservation will be considered as cancelled.

The User will have to send his payment by mail, accompanied with the summary of reservation which he can print on-line on the web site using the link and the access code supplied by VAN-IT, at the following address: VAN-IT SARL, 21 rue Massenet 94190 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges - FRANCE.

4.4.Validation date of the reservation
The validation date of every reservation varies according to the method of payment increased by the time needed to check the informations supplied by the User if necessary. The validation date of the user's order will vary as follows:
- By credit card: from validation of the payment of the deposit on the banking server of our partner bank
- by check: at the collection and verification of the check by the bank. The deadline which can be carried until 21 working days.

4.5. Pick-up of the campervan
 A rental agreement will be established between the User and VAN-IT the day of the pick-up of the vehicle.
The campervan is delivered in working order with the normal accessories. It is the object from an inventory of fixtures and must be returned in the same state as to its departure. In defect, the User will have to acquit a sum corresponding at the expenses of restoration.

Article 5 – Renting conditions

5.1. Conditions bound to the User/ tenant
 The User / tenant to proceed to a reservation on the Web site must be 21-year-old at least and possess a driving license for at least 2 years. The User will have to present at the signature of the rental agreement an ID of current validity, a driving licence of current validity and will have to have a credit card (international for the foreigners) in his name.
In case of not presentation of these documents, VAN-IT reserves the right not to rent the vehicle. VAN-IT also reserves the right not to rent the campervan, the pick-up day, if the User cannot justify to be the required minimum age, andor to have in his ownership a valid driving licence, andor not to be capable of proceeding to the payment of the deposit. In every case, VAN-IT cannot be held responsible and will not grant any compensation.
If the User is between 21 and 25 y.o, he/she will be subjected to expenses " young driver " to the amount of 5 € ( five euro) a day.
A second driver can be signed on the rental agreement via a 5€ supplement / day.

5.2. Reminder of the basic rules of campervan hire
 The rent of a vehicle involves the respect for the general conditions of rent of VAN-IT. However, it is important to remind that the User has to respect a set of rules during the rent:
- The tenant has to use the vehicle in " good head of family " in particular, without being in a state of excessive tireness, under ethylic or narcotic influence or of quite other substance susceptible to affect the driving according to the Traffic rules. The tenant thus makes a commitment to make a careful and normal usage of the vehicle.
- The tenant has to let drive the vehicle only by the drivers expressly authorized in the rental agreement, on ways appropriate for the car traffic, without participation in competitions, rallies or quite other competition whatever nature it is, as well as in essays or preparations, nor to give driving lessons;
- The tenant makes a commitment not to use the vehicle in illicit purposes or others than those planned by the manufacturer, not to overload the rented vehicle by transporting a passengers number upper to that indicated on the car registration, nor to use the vehicle for the paying transport of passengers;
- The tenant makes a commitment not to transport goods or objects forbidden by the legislation in force in the country or the countries where circulates the vehicle during the rent, nor to transport luggage on the roof of the vehicle;
- The Tenant makes a commitment to keep the vehicle closed and locked, parked under cover when it is not used and to keep the keys in safe place. The Tenant also makes a commitment to remove and to keep in safe place any device such as GPS, car radio, etc., when the vehicle is empty;
- The Tenant makes a commitment to use the adequate fuel and to verify the level of oil and the other liquids, to make upgrades necessary if necessary and to check pneumatics pressure;
- The Tenant makes a commitment not to hide or to remove the elements of identification of VAN-IT.
It is also reminded that the tenant is completely responsible for the vehicle from the coverage of the vehicle, and that the rent is personal.

5.3. Deposit
 The tenant will have to leave the day of the departure a 2000-€ deposit by imprint of credit card or by check. An option " Reduction of deposit" can be subscribed on-line lowering the deposit to 500 € instead of 2000 € for an additional cost of 11€ a day. This option allows as well to reduce the amount of the expenses which could be caused in case of broken glass. For example, in case of impact on the windscreen, the tenant is in the obligation to pay entirely the expenses relative to the repair or to the change of the windscreen, according to an established estimate. With the Option reduction of deposit, the tenant will have to pay only a 150-€ lump sum.
The deposit can be used on no account to a continuation of the rent. This pledge will be paid by credit card or check in euro. It is possible that for paylment by credit card, banking charges are charged to you. These will be taken care on no account by VAN-IT.

Article 6 – Duration and continuation of the rent

The duration of the rent is the one mentioned in the confirmation of reservation. The User makes a commitment to restore the vehicle to the agreed date and time. In case of delay, the user will be charged 45€ / hour, for every begun hour.
If the User wishes to prolong his rent, he has to make the express request with VAN-IT, at least 72 hours in advance. If the continuation is possible, the User will have to confirm his request with the payment of the corresponding reserve. On no account, the User can prolong his rent without express agreement of VAN-IT.
The continuation is directly contracted with VAN-IT. So, the price of this one is subjected to the current public rates applied by VAN-IT.
In case of not authorized continuation, the User will be charged the aforesaid penalties of delay and will not benefit any more to the advantages of the compulsory and complementary insurances.

Article 7 - Conditions of cancellation – Refund

7.1. Modalities of cancellation by the User
The User can cancel his reservation and obtain the refund following the conditions below:
- If the request of cancellation intervenes more than 45 days before the departure: the User can obtain the complete refund of his advance by VAN-IT
 - If the request of cancellation intervenes between 45 and 30 days before the departure: 50 % of the paid sums will be kept by VAN-IT
- If the request of cancellation intervenes between 30 days and the date of departure: the paid advance will entirely be kept by VAN-IT as a compensation.
 - if the User only wishes to shorten his rent, the days not used will be paid off on no account.
- If the User is late on the pick- up day, this one cannot aspire to any reduction of the price of the rent.
- In case of not presentation of the User, the paid advance will entirely be kept by VAN-IT.

In all cases, further to a cancellation, 30 € administration fees will be kept from the deposit.

Any request of cancellation must be made in writing to VAN-IT by e-mail and confirmed by mail recommended with acknowledgement of receipt (or mail Fedex or UPS for the foreigners) sent in: VAN-IT - Cancellation service - 21 rue Massenet - 94190 Villeneuve Saint Georges - FRANCE.

7.2. Cancellation by VAN-IT
VAN-IT operates everything so that a wanted vehicle is available in the beginning of rent for the User. However, if a delay in the rent must be noticed because of a mechanical problem or for quite other reason, and if no solution could be found at once, VAN-IT makes a commitment not to charge the lost days and to pay off if necessary to the User the excess collected on the paid advance.
If the User wishes to cancel his reservation because of the delay in the delivery or if VAN-IT is in the obligation to cancel totally the reservation of the User, the advance will be restored entirely to him/her.
In no event, the User can ask for damages for the delay in the delivery of a vehicle or for the cancellation of the rent in the case of repairs in the course of rent. The responsibility of VAN-IT will thus on no account be held.

7.3. Refund
 In case of cancellation of reservation in the events leading to refund, according to the present general conditions of use, the refund will be made within 21 days maximum according to the date of cancellation in the suitability of VAN-IT either by re-credit of credit card,  by bank transfer or by check sent in the name of the User and to the address indicated during the reservation.

Article 8 – Responsability

8.1. Obligation of means
VAN-IT has for all the stages of access to the web site (Request of on-line reservation, confirmation of request, transfer towards the banking site for on-line payment, etc.) only an obligation of means. As such, VAN-IT would not be considered as person in charge of all the inconveniences or the damages inherent to the use of the Internet network, in particular and not restrictively, in case of break of service, outside intervention, computer virus.

8.2. Major event
 The responsibility of VAN-IT cannot be held in case of breach to its contractual obligations because of a coincidence or of a case of absolute necessity such as defined by the case law.

8.3 Inaccuracy of the information given by the User
In case of incomplete address, wrong address, lack of information entailing a delay in delivery of a vehicle or the impossibility of delivery, VAN-IT cannot be considered as person in charge. If a second delivery is needed, VAN-IT reserves the right to demand to the User expenses corresponding to this second delivery.

8.4. Correspondence to the French legislation
The services proposed on this web Site are in accordance with the French legislation. Our responsibility can be on no account engaged in case of non compliance with the legislation of the user's country.

8.5. Third contents
By consulting the web siite, the User can have access to one or several hypertext links pointing towards third contents of other web sites. On no account, VAN-IT will be considered as person in charge of the contents of these sites.

8.6. Loss of the reservation
VAN-IT can be on no account considered as person in charge of any loss, damage or delay resulting from the loss or from the theft of the confirmation of reservation sent by email to the customer andor the use of this document by a third party.
8.7. Delay of the Customer
It falls to the User to prevent VAN-IT of any delay which he/she could have during the coverage of the vehicle. VAN-IT can be on no account considered as responsible if it decides to put at disposal the rented vehicle without news from the User within two hours. The User can then aspire on no account to any compensation if  no vehicle could be available at his/her arrival.

Article 9 - Confidentiality / Personal informations
VAN-IT applies a policy on the confidentiality of the data and the respect of private life very strict. This policy is applicable to the web sites www.van-it.fr and www.van-it.com.

The User accepts that VAN-IT collects, treats and uses his/her personal informations in the purposes aimed below. According to the regulations in force, this site was the object of a statement with the CNIL (National Commission IT and Liberties) under the number 1380813.

9.1. Collection of the personal Informations of the Users
To be capable of proceeding to a request of reservation on the web site of VAN-IT, the User has to fill an on-line form in which he has to supply in particular his/her name, first name and address and phone number. This informations are necessary for the good running of the service of VAN-IT. The User is informed about the fact that a wanted information is compulsory or optional. In case of optional information, he/she keeps the right not to supply the information.

Furthermore, VAN-IT can also record automatically certain informations concerning the User, including data relative to its customs (adress IP, connection informations, etc.) Finally, cookies are used on some of the pages of the web site. Cookies are small files stored in the hard disk of the User which allow to store information as for example the time of visit, the pages visited etc. It is important to note that most of these cookies last only the time of the connection and are automatically erased at the end of the session.
9.2. Use of the personal Informations of the Users
 The informations collected are intended for the company VAN-IT and allow it of:
Treat the requests of reservation;
Establish a personal file concerning the User containing the sent correspondences (letters, emails, fax, etc.);
Keep and update its customer database;
Protect VAN-IT by detecting the frauds and the abuses on its web site;
Supply information to third parts realizing for its account an internal service (logistics, post, mailing, technical service, etc.). These persons have access to the personal informations of the User necessary for the execution of their services but are by no means authorized to use them in other purposes;
Send promotional offers and propose the User products susceptible to interest him/her;
Settle any dispute, any problem or to make apply its general Conditions of use and rent.

The User accepts that VAN-IT uses all these data to realize statistics, to know its interests with the aim of improving its service, to improve its marketing and promotional efforts, to improve the contents of its web site and its offers.

9.3. Distribution of the personal information of the Users
VAN-IT neither sells, nor gives to thirds parties the personal informations of the Users.

As indicated previously, the only cases of transfer of data to third parties are:
The data transmission of the Users to persons working only for VAN-IT.
The data transmission in judicial authorities (administrations included) further to a judicial requisition or an official request, it because of a investigation on a fraud, of an offence against the Highway Code or on any illegal activity which could see the responsibility of VAN-IT engaged.
The transmission to the insurances and the experts in the event of an accident, theft or quite other damage.

9.4. Right of access, rectification and deletion of your personal Informations According to the IT law and Liberties N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, the User has a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of his personal informations.
To exercise this right, the user needs to send a mail to VAN-IT, 21 rue Massenet 94190 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges - FRANCE.
Nevertheless, in case of update of its data, VAN-IT keeps the informations initially supplied during five years to prevent every risk of fraud or allow it to conform to the regulations in force.

Furthermore, VAN-IT keeps in its systems certain information concerning the User to resolve any dispute, solve any problem, make apply its general conditions of use of the web site and conditions of rent and conform itself to the regulations in force. Finally, to insure the safety of the data, VAN-IT reserves the right to ask the User to prove its identity before responding to his/her request.
Article 10. Intellectual property
 All the elements of the web site are protected by the copyright and the right the brands and are the exclusive property of VAN-IT. 

VAN-IT grants the User a  limited license to the access and to the use of the web site for its personal use only. On no account, the User is authorized to download or to modify all or any of this web Site without its written authorization. The User can thus use on no account the contents of the web site in professional purposes (photos, descriptions, graphics, etc.). The web site www.van-it.fr
or www.van-it.com cannot be reproduced, copied in no way or sold without van-it's express authorization.

The User who wishes to put on his/her personal web site a link towards the web site of VAN-IT necessarily has to ask for the authorization. The implementation of this link will establish on no account a contract of membership with the User. In every case, the user makes a commitment to remove the aforementioned link if VAN-IT makes the request.

Article 11. Completeness of the Contract

In the hypothesis where one of the clauses of the present general conditions of use of the web site would become null because of a decision of justice or change of regulations, it would affect on no account the validity of the other clauses of the present general conditions.

Article 12. Proof

The data kept in the information system of the site of VAN-IT can serve as proofs as for the past orders and may be produced within the framework of a possible dispute. The data on IT or electronic support kept by VAN-IT constitute acceptable and opposable proofs with the same convincing strength as any document which would be established, received or kept in writing.

Article 13. Legal notices – Announcements

Any complaint or announcement must be sent in writing at:

Adress : 21 Rue Massenet 94190 Villeneuve-Saint-Georges - FRANCE
Owner : Bernard Mazeyrie
N° RCS : Créteil 509.658.597
Fax : +33 (0)

Article 14. Applicable right - Competent Jurisdiction

The present general conditions of use are subjected to the French law.

Any disputes which could be born between VAN-IT and his/her Users will be subjected to the exclusive skills of the French jurisdictions.