General rental conditions


The company VAN-IT SARL, specializing in the short and long term rental of fitted vans for individuals, is registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Créteil under number B509.658.597, whose head office is located at 1 impasse des Ecureuils, 91330 YERRES – FRANCE, which publishes the internal sitest and

These general rental conditions apply exclusively between the company VAN-IT SAS as well as all VAN-IT Franchises (hereinafter “VAN-IT”) and any person who has made a vehicle reservation, in particular on its website or (hereinafter the “Renter”).

Article 1 – Acceptance of the general conditions
All reservations made in particular through its website are subject to these general rental conditions.

VAN-IT reserves the right to modify these general conditions at any time without notice. In the event of modification, the applicable conditions will remain those in force on the day of the Tenant’s reservation requuest. The Tenant declares to have read these general rental conditions and accepts them without reservation.

The Tenant expressly acknowledges that VAN-IT remains the owner of te vehicle and that any attempt to transfer or sublet the vehicle by anyone other than VAN-IT will be null and void. The Renter is only authorized to use the vehicle in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement and these general rental conditions.

Article 2 – Rental rates

The applicable rental rates are those communicated by VAN-IT at the time of booking, and recalled on the rental contract. The prices displayed are indicated in euros all taxes included (French VAT and other applicable taxes where applicable). VAN-IT regularly updating its prices, reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.

As soon as the payment of the deposit has been made, the price of the vehicle rental is firm and guaranteed and will no longer be modifiable by VAN-IT, including in the case of a fluctuation in the exchange rate. In fact, after payment of the deposit requested by VAN-IT when booking, the Tenant cannot request a change in the price paid in the event of promotional offers offered by VAN-IT, after said payment.

Rental rates are calculated according to the information provided by the Tenant when booking. Any subsequent modification of a reservation may result in a change in the rental price.

The rental price indicated when booking includes:
– A mileage fixed price calculated on the basis of the number of rental days (specified on the rental contract);
– compulsory insurance: third party / civil liability;
– additional insurance: theft and fire with deductible;
– local taxes (VAT);
– the options taken out at the time of booking (GPS, deposit reduction, multi-driver, etc…);

This price does not include:
– fuel;
– any mileage overruns;
– the deposit to be paid by international bank card in the name of the main driver, regardless of the additional insurance taken out;
– damage from glass breakage, tyres, roof, underbody/underbody and interior of the vehicle, optics (headlights, turn signals, etc.), mirrors, not covered by insurance;

– the amount of the deductible debited by VAN-IT in the event of a responsible accident or damage to the vehicle without a known third party;

– any damage to the vehicle in the absence of an amicable accident report;
– schedule overruns resulting in a penalty set by VAN-IT resulting in additional invoicing;
– the amount of the fines as well as the inherent administrative costs. The Tenant remains solely responsible for fines, fines and reports established against him and also for any customs prosecution;
– any parking costs;

– the costs of cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle;

Article 3 – Rental vehicles
Booking a vehicle on the site or relates to a category of vehicle, it being specified that the preferences in terms of model depend on the availability at the time of rental. All vehicles presented on the website are only intended to illustrate the category selected. The Renter therefore always selects a category and not a designated vehicle.

In the event that for any reason VAN-IT cannot provide the vehicle corresponding to the category desired by the Tenant, VAN-IT may instead offer a vehicle of an equivalent or higher category without allowances or other compensation.

Article 4 – Rental agreement – Provision

A rental contract will be established between the Tenant and VAN-IT on the day of the pick-up of the vehicle. The vehicle is delivered in good working order with the normal accessories. It is subject to an inventory on departure and must be returned in the same condition as on departure. Failing this, the Tenant will have to pay an amount corresponding to the costs of restoration.

The Renter is fully responsible for the vehicle as soon as the vehicle is taken over. The rental is personal, non-transferable and is only possible upon presentation of the booking confirmation and the necessary documents requested by VAN-IT when signing the rental contract.

The vehicle is made available directly at the VAN-IT agency in the city chosen on the booking form.
At an additional cost and on request, VAN-IT provides the following options: mobile GPS navigation (€4 / day), bike rack (€5 / day), camping table and chairs (€3 / day), chemical toilet (5€/day), solar shower and cabin (5€/day), baby seat (3€/day), roof bars (5€/day), hammock (5€/day), electric kit (10€ ), overnight pack (€30), vehicle wash (€70), reduced deposit (€9/day), multi-driver insurance (€5/day) and guarding of the Tenant’s vehicle (€5/day).

When the guarding option is taken out, the Tenant’s vehicle is kept in a closed car park on the premises of the VAN-IT agency renting the vehicle.

The Renter’s vehicle insurance continues to be active and no transfer of insurance to VAN-IT will be made.

If any damage were to happen to the Renter’s vehicle, in particular scratches or dents in the bodywork, VAN-IT undertakes to repair and restore the Renter’s vehicle in a partner garage chosen by VAN-IT. In the event of fire or theft of the Tenant’s vehicle, VAN-IT’s insurance cannot be used and it is the Tenant’s vehicle insurance that must be engaged.

2, 4 and 5-seater vehicles are rented with a flat rate of 300 km per day or with a specific kilometric flat rate for 3-day rentals of 1200 km

8 and 9-seater vehicles are rented with a monthly package of 6000 km

Exceeding the mileage package will incur a charge of 0.35 euros per additional kilometer.

Article 5 – Payment of the rental
The Renter has different means of payment to pay the balance of his rental on the day of the pick-up of the vehicle:
– by credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Carte bleue). Cards issued by banks domiciled outside France must be international bank cards.
– By bank check in Euros: this must be issued by a bank domiciled in metropolitan France.

– By bank transfer made sufficiently in advance for the balance of the rental to be credited to the VAN-IT account before the day of departure.

Cash in euros
In the event of non-payment of all or part of the sums due to VAN-IT under the rental contract, VAN-IT reserves the right to apply late payment interest on the amount remaining due equal to five times the rate of applicable legal interest.

Article 6 – Rental conditions

6.1. Tenant Terms
The Tenant to rent from VAN-IT must be at least 21 years old and have a B license (VL tourism) for at least 2 years. The Tenant will be required to present at the signing of the rental contract a valid identity document, a valid valid permit and must hold an international bank card in his name.
In case of non-presentation of these documents, VAN-IT reserves the right not to rent the vehicle. VAN-IT also reserves the right not to rent the vehicle if the Renter is unable to pay the deposit. In any case, VAN-IT cannot be held responsible for this refusal to rent and will not grant any compensation.

If the Renter is between 21 and 25 years old, he will be subject to a “young driver” fee of €5 (five euros) per day.

A multi-driver option can be taken out on the rental contract via a tariff supplement of €5 (five euros) per day, adjustable when the vehicle is picked up.

In the event that the Renter has his license withdrawn during the rental or in the event that his number of points becomes zero rendering his license invalid, and if there is no second driver indicated in the rental contract, the Tenant will have to repatriate the vehicle at his expense, and all expenses that may be incurred in this context will remain his responsibility.

6.2. Territory Terms
The vehicle can only be driven in the countries listed below: Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria.
In the event of non-compliance with this territory, the Tenant cannot claim the benefit of the damage or theft guarantee of the Insurance and will be fully responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

6.3. Vehicle collection and return
A safety kit is provided when picking up the vehicle including a vest, a triangle and a fire extinguisher. If this kit is not returned at the end of the rental, or if the extinguisher has been used, VAN-IT reserves the right to charge the tenant a penalty of €70 including tax (seventy euros) even if the kit is only incomplete.

The vehicle must be returned in good hygienic conditions: the interior and exterior of the vehicle must be clean. If this is not the case, the Tenant will have to pay a lump sum of €70 including tax (sixty euros) corresponding to the washing option of the van.

The washing option offered by VAN-IT includes exterior cleaning as well as vacuuming, surface cleaning and disinfection.

The washing option cannot be applied for a rental with animals.

The washing option does not include washing up kitchen utensils, cleaning seats after stains, cleaning options such as the chemical toilet or the plancha.

Stained seats are charged €150/seat. A chemical toilet not made clean is charged 120 €. A cleaning following a rental with animals is charged 150 €.

The Tenant must return the vehicle at normal opening hours and a fortiori at the time agreed on the rental contract. Otherwise the vehicle will remain under the full responsibility of the Tenant until the reopening time of VAN-IT.

It is understood that only the taking possession of the vehicle, the handing over of the keys and the vehicle papers allow the rental contract to be terminated.

6.4. Basic rules for renting a vehicle
The rental of a vehicle implies compliance with the general rental conditions of VAN-IT. However, it is important to remember that:
– The Renter must use the vehicle as a “good father” and in particular, without being in a state of excessive fatigue, under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or any other substance likely to affect driving in accordance with the provisions of the Highway Code . The lessee therefore undertakes to make prudent and normal use of the vehicle;
– The Tenant must only allow the vehicle to be driven by drivers expressly authorized in the rental contract, on roads suitable for automobile traffic, without participation in competitions, rallies or any other competition of any kind whatsoever, as well as ‘for tests or preparations, nor to give driving lessons;
– The Renter undertakes not to use the vehicle for illicit purposes or other than those provided for by the manufacturer, not to overload the rented vehicle by carrying a number of passengers greater than that indicated on the registration card of the vehicle, nor to use the vehicle for the paid transport of passengers;
– The Renter undertakes not to transport goods or objects prohibited by the legislation in force in the country or countries where the vehicle is traveling during the rental, not to transport luggage on the roof of the vehicle; not to tow anything on the hitch.

– The Renter undertakes to keep the vehicle closed and locked, parked in a safe place when not in use and to keep the vehicle keys in a safe place. In the event of theft of the vehicle, the theft cover of the insurance could not apply if the keys, and possibly duplicate keys, cannot be produced.
– The Renter undertakes to use the correct type of fuel, check the level of Adblue, oil and other liquids, make the necessary upgrades if necessary, monitor any warning lights on the dashboard and to make the tire pressure;
– The Tenant undertakes not to hide or remove the identification elements of VAN-IT.

In the event of non-compliance with these conditions, the Tenant will not be able to claim the benefit of the damage guarantee of the Insurance and will be fully responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle. He will then have to complete the amount of the repairs by any means if the amount of the costs is greater than the amount of the deposit.

6.5. spawn

Article 7 – Security deposit / Deposit

7.1 Deposit
The Tenant must leave the day of departure a security deposit by credit card imprint.

The amount of the security deposit for 2, 4 and 5 seater vehicles is €2000. The amount of the security deposit for 8 and 9 seater vehicles is €2500.

The deposit will be canceled at least 10 days after the return of the vehicle subject to possible deduction of the costs of repairing the vehicle, cleaning costs, costs of refueling, administrative costs for fines during the rental and other costs invoiced by VAN-IT not paid by the Tenant.

The deposit can not be used in any case for an extension of rental.
All costs incurred due to repair of damage, in the event of theft or accident for which the Renter is held responsible will be deducted directly from the deposit.

In the event of serious misconduct by the Renter, the damage not covered by the insurance will be directly deducted from the deposit and the Renter must then complete the amount of the repairs by any means if the amount of the costs is greater than the amount of the deposit.
In the event of an accident or collision with accident report, the security deposit will be kept until receipt of the letter from the insurance company indicating the responsibility or not of the Tenant. In the event of the Tenant’s liability, the deposit will be fully retained by VAN-IT. Otherwise, the security deposit will be returned to the Tenant minus any costs invoiced by VAN-IT not paid by the Tenant. In case of 50/50 liability, half of the security deposit will be retained by VAN-IT with a minimum of €500.00.

In the event of theft or fire, the security deposit will be fully retained by VAN-IT.

A “Reduced deposit” option can be taken out, reducing the security deposit to €500 at an additional cost of €9 per day.

7.2 Glass breakage

Glass breakage (windshield impact or crack requiring replacement of the windshield) is not covered by the insurance and will be directly invoiced in full to the Tenant according to the repair or replacement estimate.

The reduced deposit option reduces the amount of costs that could be incurred in the event of glass breakage. Impacts on the repairable windscreen are then not invoiced and a lump sum of 150 € will be invoiced for a windscreen replacement.

Article 8 – Duration and Extension of rental

The duration of the rental is that mentioned in the rental contract. The Tenant undertakes to return the vehicle on the date and time agreed on the rental contract, under penalty, in the event of delay, of being charged a penalty of €45 / hour for any hour started.
If the Tenant wishes to extend his rental, he must make an express request to VAN-IT, at least 72 hours before the end of the rental. If the extension is possible, the Tenant must confirm his request for extension with the payment of the corresponding provision. Under no circumstances may the Tenant extend his rental without the express agreement of VAN-IT. The extension is contracted directly with VAN-IT. Also, the price of it is subject to the public tariffs in force.

In the event of an unauthorized extension, the Tenant will be invoiced for the aforementioned late penalties and will no longer be able to claim the benefit of compulsory and additional insurance.

Article 9 – Cancellation conditions – Refund

9.1. Terms of cancellation by the Tenant
The Tenant can modify his reservation or cancel it and obtain a refund according to the conditions below:
– If the cancellation request occurs more than 45 days before departure: the Tenant can obtain a full refund of his deposit by VAN-IT;
– If the cancellation request occurs between 45 and 30 days before departure: 50% of the sums paid will be retained by VAN-IT;
– If the cancellation request occurs between 30 days and the departure date: the deposit paid will be fully retained by VAN-IT as compensation and the vehicle will be made available;
– If the Tenant only wishes to shorten his rental, the unused days will not be refunded under any circumstances;
– If the Renter is late on the day of picking up the vehicle, he cannot claim any reduction in the rental price;
– In case of non-presentation of the Tenant, the deposit paid will be fully retained by VAN-IT and the vehicle may be re-rented.

In all cases, for a cancellation, administrative costs in the amount of €30 will be invoiced to the customer and retained on the deposit paid.

Specific cancellation conditions may apply in the event of health restrictions related to COVID and are visible on the VAN-IT website.

Any cancellation request must be made in writing to VAN-IT by email and confirmed by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt (or Fedex or UPS mail for foreigners) addressed to: VAN-IT SAS – Cancellation service – 1 impasse des écureuils – 91330 Yerres- FRANCE.

9.2. Cancellation by VAN-IT
VAN-IT makes every effort to ensure that a vehicle of the requested category is available at the start of the rental for the Tenant. However, if a delay in the rental should be noted due to a mechanical problem or for any other reason, and no replacement solution could be immediately found, VAN-IT undertakes not to invoice the days lost and to reimburse, where applicable, the Tenant the overpayment on the deposit paid.
If the Tenant wishes to cancel his reservation due to the delay in delivery or if VAN-IT is obliged to completely cancel the Tenant’s reservation, the deposit will be fully refunded to him in this case.

Under no circumstances, the Renter can claim damages for the delay in the delivery of a vehicle, for the cancellation of the rental or the immobilization in the case of repairs during the rental. VAN-IT cannot therefore be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Tenant resulting from this cancellation.
9.3. Repayment
In the event of cancellation of reservation in cases giving rise to the right to reimbursement, in accordance with these general conditions of use, reimbursement will be made within a maximum of 21 days following the date of cancellation by credit card re-credit, by check or bank transfer.

Article 10 – Liability of VAN-IT

10.1. Limitation of Liability
VAN-IT cannot be held liable to the Tenant or any third party for any loss or damage resulting from the rental, except exclusively in the event of negligence or gross negligence on its part, or any other breach under the terms of these general conditions of lease. VAN-IT can in no way be held responsible for any indirect or unforeseeable damage. This provision does not exclude or limit the liability of VAN-IT in the event of death or bodily injury resulting from its acts or omissions, nor any other liability which the law provides that it cannot be excluded.
10.2. Force majeure:
VAN-IT cannot be held liable in the event of a breach of its contractual obligations due to a fortuitous event or a case of force majeure as defined by case law.

10.3 Tenant’s lateness or no show
It is the Tenant’s responsibility to notify VAN-IT of any delays he may have when picking up the vehicle. The company VAN-IT can in no way be held responsible if it decides to rent the rented vehicle without news from the Tenant within two hours. The Tenant cannot in any case claim any indemnity and/or compensation if in the event of late presentation without warning from VAN-IT, no vehicle could be available.

10.4 Personal Property
VAN-IT can in no way be held liable to the renter or any other approved driver for the loss or damage caused to property left on board the vehicle throughout the duration of the rental and after. The Renter and/or approved driver alone assumes all the risks relating to these goods.

Article 11 – Insurance

11.1. Terms and conditions
Vehicles and passengers are insured for an amount of 5€ / day.

The guarantee applies to the following risks:
– unlimited civil liability in the event of an accident and up to €762,245 in the event of fire or explosion.
– theft and fire with deductible of €2,000.00 (or €500.00 in the event of a reduced deposit option)
– natural disasters
– flat-rate additional protection for the driver and passengers.

The vehicle is only insured for the duration of the rental indicated on the rental contract. After this period and unless the extension is accepted in writing by VAN-IT, the tenant will be solely responsible for the damage caused and/or suffered by the vehicle.

11.2. Obligation in the event of a claim
Under penalty of being deprived of the insurance, the tenant agrees to:
– declare to VAN-IT within 24 hours and to the police authorities any accident, theft or fire, even partial;
– send the report to VAN-IT within 48 hours of the accident;
– mention in his statement the circumstances, date, place and time of the accident, the name and address of the witnesses, the registration of the third-party car involved, the name of his insurance company and his policy number insurance as well as the contact details of the driver;
– attach to this declaration any police or gendarmerie report or bailiff’s report, if any have been drawn up;
– in no case discuss the responsibility, nor deal or compromise with third parties in relation to the accident;
– transmit to VAN-IT the notices, letters, summonses, summonses, extrajudicial acts as well as all the procedural documents of which it would have been the recipient.

In the event of theft, attempted theft and vandalism or fire, the Tenant must report it to the local police or gendarmerie authorities and VAN-IT within 48 hours and must file a complaint. The Tenant must send VAN-IT the original of the complaint and keep a copy. He must give VAN-IT all the documents for the vehicle and the keys as soon as possible. Failure to return the keys to the vehicle will automatically result in the forfeiture of the Theft guarantee and the invoicing of the full value of the vehicle, expert’s fees and administration fees.

In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the Tenant would be held fully responsible, VAN-IT reserving the right to take legal action against him.

11.3. 24/7 support
It covers assistance to the vehicle and to the persons transported in the event of mechanical breakdown or accident. It supports:
– towing costs

– payment of hotel costs + breakfast up to 80 euros per night (1 night in France and 3 nights maximum abroad)
– routing (continuation of the journey or return to the passenger’s home) in the event that the vehicle is immobilized for more than 4 days: 1st class train or economy class plane, taxi over a distance of 100 km;
This assistance is valid in all the countries listed in article 6.2 of these general conditions. It operates 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

All assistance costs that may be generated following an incident under the customer’s responsibility will be entirely at his expense. The breakdown costs relating, for example, to a battery discharged by the customer (forgetting the headlights, etc.) or a fuel shortage will thus be borne by the customer.

Any abandonment of a vehicle following a mechanical breakdown, without a prior estimate from a garage establishing an immobilization of more than 4 days and without the written agreement of VAN-IT is totally prohibited. In the event of abandonment of the vehicle, all the costs necessary for the repatriation of the vehicle will be invoiced to the Tenant as well as a fixed amount of 150 € per day, for each day going beyond the rental, if the vehicle is not returned. to the warehouse on time.

11.4. Exclusions from insurance
The damage listed below is not covered by the insurance and must be fully borne by the Renter:

– any damage to the underbody and top of the body resulting from a poor assessment of the size of the vehicle.

– the tyres, the car radio, the electronic accessories (particularly the GPS), broken glass (windows, windscreen and mirror), damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage due to freezing, and objects or personal effects. All costs incurred for this type of repair will be borne by the Renter.
For the tyres: the vehicle is supplied to the Tenant with tires whose condition and number comply with the regulations in force. In the event of deterioration of one of them for any reason, the Tenant agrees to stop immediately and contact assistance and VAN-IT in order to fit the spare wheel or completely replace the undercarriage. tires by tires of the same size, even

Article 12 – Responsibility of the Tenant in the event of damage/loss

The Tenant will be responsible for any prejudice and costs suffered by VAN-IT in the event of loss, damage or theft of which the vehicle, its equipment or its accessories could be the subject during the duration of the rental. The responsibility of the Tenant includes in particular the cost of repairs, the loss of value of the vehicle, the compensation for immobilization of the vehicle, the costs of towing and storage of the vehicle, unless this damage is attributable to VAN-IT or it is established that this damage is attributable to a third party.

In the event of a responsible accident during which the vehicle is seriously damaged or immobilized for more than five days, VAN-IT reserves the right to terminate the rental contract without reimbursement or compensation for the remaining days of rental. The costs of repairs and deductible will remain due.

In the event of damage caused to the vehicle by the Tenant in the absence of an identified third party, the Tenant must compensate VAN-IT for the damage actually suffered (amount estimated by repair estimate, market value of the vehicle, immobilization costs, file, etc.) with a maximum equivalent to the amount of the deposit.
At the end of the rental, in the event of damage or theft, the corresponding amount will be invoiced to the Tenant and deducted directly from the deposit.

If damage is done to the vehicle due to the Tenant’s negligence or following non-compliance with the general rental conditions and if the amount of VAN-IT’s damage is greater than the amount of its deposit, an invoice for the difference will be sent to the Tenant. , payable immediately.

If the Tenant charges his own insurance to cover his liability in the event of loss or damage caused to the vehicle, he expressly authorizes VAN-IT to negotiate and conclude directly with his insurer any amicable compensation agreement and agrees that any sum paid relating to this loss or damage is paid directly to VAN-IT.

Article 13 – Tolls, fines and traffic violations
The tenant is the only debtor of the fines for non-compliance with the parking rules. These fines are to be paid directly because, failing this, VAN-IT will receive a notice of increased fine and in application of article L121-2 of the Highway Code, VAN-IT will communicate the contact details of the Tenant to the Police Court, who will then receive the increased fine that he will have to pay. The Tenant is also liable for fines in the event of violations of the Highway Code related to driving such as speeding, non-compliance with signs, non-compliance with safety distances (etc.). If some of these offenses are not immediately brought to the attention of the Tenant but to that of VAN-IT, the latter, in application of article L 121-3 of the Highway Code, will communicate the contact details of the Tenant to the Police Court who will send him a notice of contravention.
In case of receipt of PV (minutes) by VAN-IT, administrative costs of 25 € including tax per violation / fine will be invoiced to the Tenant.

Article 14 – Personal data

By concluding a rental contract with VAN-IT, the Tenant accepts that VAN-IT proceeds to the storage and the computer processing of personal data concerning him within the framework of these general conditions, in the legitimate interest of VAN-IT, including for statistical purposes, bank checks and protection of its assets. In the event of violation by the Tenant of these general conditions, the personal data concerning him may be disclosed or communicated to third parties, to the extent necessary for any recovery procedure or to protect his property against any damage.

The Tenant has the right to access, rectify and/or delete personal data concerning him. To exercise this right, simply send a letter to VAN-IT, 1 impasse des Ecureuils, 91330 Yerres-FRANCE.
In case of updating of its data, VAN-IT will keep the information initially provided for five years in order to prevent any risk of fraud or to enable it to comply with the regulations in force.

When renting the vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers in order to be located in the event of theft.

A declaration was made to the CNIL on 06/30/2020.


Article 15. Entire Agreement
In the event that one of the clauses of these general rental conditions becomes invalid as a result of a court decision or a change in regulations, this cannot in any way affect the validity of the other clauses of these general conditions.

Article 16. Legal notices – Notifications
Any complaint or notification must be sent in writing to:
VAN-IT SARL – 1 impasse des Ecureuils 91330 Yerres – FRANCE
RCS number: Evry 509.658.597

Article 17. Applicable law – Competent jurisdiction
These general rental conditions are subject to French law.
Any disputes that may arise between VAN-IT and its Tenants will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Evry, which has jurisdiction in the matter.