Fittings for vans and vans

VAN-IT now offers complete fittings to equip your vans and vans.

We have been making our own furniture, in our 2/3 seater ranges, for more than 10 years now and we have improved their design, practicality and solidity each year to offer you today high quality fittings, extremely simple to install. use and above all durable!

The kit includes:

the back cabinet, with location for a fridge or an electric cooler, a sink with tap, electric pump, a location for the clean water supply and dirty water supply, cupboards and storage.

the removable bench in bed in the blink of an eye with an extremely fast rocking system and both firm and comfortable bedding, as well as faux leather covers for easy washing and a perfect design.

a removable table for eating inside the van

– plenty of storage, including large trunks for suitcases, cupboards for crockery and provisions, large spaces to possibly have surfboards or other sports equipment.