Rent your camper van!​

Explore the world in a fitted van, a unique concept!​

To spend an unforgettable holiday, trust VAN-IT, the leading van rental company in France.

Since 2008, we have offered many vehicles, very comfortable and perfectly fitted out, to transport and accommodate 2 to 5 people.

Nothing better than a Volkswagen combi to go on an adventure!

Discover our campervans

The adventure starts here with VAN-IT

Traveling in a van is a must for those looking for freedom, authenticity, adventure and landscapes as unusual as they are spectacular. With family, couple or friends, VAN-IT makes this adventure possible and makes every effort to support travelers in the realization of their stay, in the best conditions.

  • Our agencies throughout France

    For more than 10 years now, we have been offering you the rental of fitted vans on the Internet. VAN-IT has since grown to 20 rental agencies available throughout France.

  • The comfortable adventure

    Our vans are fully equipped in our workshops by our carpenters. Comfort and practicality are at the heart of our concerns to guarantee you the best road trip!

  • Travel serenely

    With VAN-IT, enjoy the present moment. Attractive prices, all inclusive and without surprises with included in the rental: insurance, assistance and 300 kilometers / day, as well as additional packs.

Prepare your trip...​

If you want to go on a road trip or even a surf trip, consider the van amenage! This type of comfortable vehicle, also called campervan or converted van, is equipped with all the necessary equipment. The VW combi, among others, will allow you to travel, without any constraint and at your own pace, to any destination. With your van, travel the roads of your choice and enjoy total freedom in your travels.

During your trip in a comfortable van, discover unusual destinations, as well as sublime landscapes. According to your desires, do not hesitate to stop to go to sleep directly on a beach, or even to go camping in the middle of nature.

Whether with family, as a couple or with friends, the trip in a camper van, in a camping spirit, should leave you with nothing but wonderful memories! Just like converted trucks, motorhomes and minibuses, vans will make your life easier!

Your memories with VAN-IT​

Thank you to our travelers for sharing their stay with us in a VAN-IT van. Breathtaking landscapes, sequence of emotions, slice of life, harmony with nature, these are all these moments that make our motivation to always better accompany you!

Sale of vehicles and fittings

VAN-IT imagines and designs ALL the interior fittings of its vans, right down to the installation of pop-up roofs in its own carpentry workshops. Choice of materials, optimization of spaces, ergonomics… everything has been thought out to provide travelers with maximum comfort, whether there are 2 or 5 of them, while taking care of aesthetics.

After a season of good and loyal service, our vans are then offered for sale at attractive prices.

VAN-IT also offers fitting kits for your van!

  • Buy your used van

    VAN-IT puts its vans up for sale every year at the end of the season.

    Take the opportunity to book them in advance!

  • Fit out your van

    VAN-IT designs all the interior furniture in its workshops.

    Discover all our fitting kits for your VAN!